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Snapped or Stiff throttle cable on your Fiat Coupe ????
For some reason the FIAT part is on eternal back order and there is no stock!!!
So you have two choices 1)Get the bus or 2) Adapt another part to fit.
So heres some tips on the later.........

PART :: universal Peugeot / Citroen throttle cable :: "FIRST LINE" part number :: FKA1000
[ORIGINAL FCCUK QUOTE : Iceberg aka Paul @ MotorMech]
You need to cut the old cable, remove the pedal end union and fit to new inner cable, then remove the old inner cable from the outer, set the adjuster on the outer to the middle, feed the new inner in to the outer from the pedal end.
Feed the new union supplied onto the inner cable and measure the amount of inner needed(leave plenty to play with) and cut the inner.
Then tighten the new union in the required position and fit to the throttle spindle, it may take a couple of attempts to get the union in just the right place.
Sounds alot but dead easy and perminant repair.

Iceberg saves the day (original thread)

And my version to make it clearer or not!!!

  • Cut original cable and remove pieces that remain noting their relative positions and fixings.
    Fixed connectors are at either end of cable.
  • The throttle cable end connector can be removed by just pulling towards the passengers side on a horizontal axis.
  • Remove the old cable fitting (pedal end union) from the old cable (it slides out DON'T break it!).
    Pic 1 shows the old fitting now correctly fitted to the new cable(just slides on!
  • From within the car thread the new cable through the bulkhead into the old outer that you left in place earlier
  • With all cable pulled through into engine compartment , re-attach the pedal end union by pushing onto pedal fixing (horizontal axis towards drivers door)
  • OPTIONAL : Undo 2 bolts holding outer part2 (see pic2)to inlet manifold . This makes it much easier to spin adjuster. [NOTE : My cable had frayed around the adjuster area]
  • undo the outer locknut (see pic2) and screw the adjuster into a middle position (see pic2)
  • For some reason my kit didnt have a new end union !
    So I improvised with a cable multiblock connector stripped of its outer plastic cover.
    The advantage is that you can fit it and screw it down without cutting the cable , then adjust later if youve got it wrong ....
  • Place something under throttle pedal. Fit end union and fit to throttle spindle.
    This takes practice but can be helped by using a screwdriver to turn the spindle against its spring to fully open to allow slotting in of the new cable.
    There is a 'step' on the spindle to rest the screwdriver against. Just be careful as its a fiesty spring!
  • Right it should all be connected up !
  • ****** CAUTION :: If fitted too tight (connector fitted to far up cable) you could have the throttle open !!!!
    With no load on engine , if you start it the revs will hit the limiter almost immeadiately******
  • I attempted a start and was prepared to turn it off ASAP if the revs rose alot
    If this happens just remove the cable from spindle end and move connector
  • Once you have the right position you can trim the cable
  • Roadtest and check all is well i.e. correct idle speed without touching pedal and full throttle boost achieved with pedal on floor
  • I actually found that the pedal was much higher than before and gave a much more progressive throttle......
A fairly easy , if not tricky job. Go for it!
Big thanks to Paul (IceBerg) at MotorMech for sharing this diamond of info to all.
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