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For convienience and when the fccuk forum is offline I have copied data and links across.

TUNING STAGES 20VT - [courtesy of Hanny @ fccuk forum] Original Text
Stage 0 - Health Check - 220BHP
a)Get a proper engine health check including fuelling, and engine performance as well as compression test each cylinder
b)Get car fully serviced, inc coolant changes etc
c)Base-line dyno figures

Stage 1 - Basic Preparation & modifications - 230-235BHP
a)Boost gauge
b)Boost control (PRV, PBV or electronic boost controller)
c)Induction modifications (eg. drilled airbox, intake cone etc)
d)Dump valve upgrade (stop turbo stalling
e)Crankcase breather filter (stop contamination of inlet tract)
f)Water wetter (increase reduction in water temperatures)

Stage 2 - Turbo ancillaries - 240-250BHP
a) 2.5", 2.75" or 3" exhaust (less backpressure)
b) Decat or sports cat (less backpressure)
c) Uprated side mount intercooler (lower charge temperature)
d)* Water injection (lower charge temp, more advance)

Stage 3 - Chipping - 250-270BHP
a) G-Tec chip (more power) or a Unichip
b) Uprated fuel regulator (more fuel pressure)
c)* Hybrid turbo - i.e. standard casing

Stage 4 - Improving ancillaries - 260-280BHP
a) uprated clutch
b) uprated fuel pump (More fuel)
c) lightened balanced flywheel
d) FMIC and/or chargecooler

Stage 5 - Uprated turbo - 280-300BHP
a) Uprated turbo (eg. the ball bearing range Barbz is doing)
b)* Cams

Stage 6 - Advanced tuning - 300-350BHP
a)custom mapping eg. Motec (tailor ECU to modifications)
b)Uprated fuel injectors
c)* Nitrous
d) Intercooler hard pipe kit
e) intake hard pipe kit

* would denote these are things you might want to consider but may not be worthwhile
You might also have stages for non-engine stuff that should be done with the corresponding tuning level, such as

Stage 0 - Health Check
a) Check wear on all suspension parts

Stage 1 - Basic Handling
a) Strut brace

Stage 2 - Stopping power
a) Uprated front discs and pads
b) Braided brake hoses
c) Bleed brakes and put new fluid in

Stage 3 - Suspension
a)* Lowered
b) Uprated dampers
c) Uprated bumpstops

Stage 4 - Advanced Handling
a) Uprated anti-roll bar
b)*Camber adjustment (if no negative camber provided by dampers)

Stage 5 - Dynamics
a)* lighter wheels
b) wider tyres (225 profile)
c)* 5mm hubcentric spacers (wider track for standard alloys only)

Stage 6 - Advanced suspension
a) coilover suspension
b) polyurethane dampers

[courtesy of Hanny @ fccuk forum] Original FCCUK version
Main info sites:
http://www.fiat-coupe.com by Brinks
http://www.coupe-sport.co.uk by James

Regular Maintainance 16v/16vt:

Cleaning Idle control valve 16/16vt by Brinks
Claning Map sensor 16v and 16vt only
16v models Cambelt replacement. by Brinks
Rocker cover removal (16vt) by Begbie

Regular Maintainance 20v/20vt:

Replacing Spark Plugs (20v models). by Brinks
Replacing the oil cooler and pipes (20v turbo). by Brinks
Brake Pad and Shims Fitting Guide (pdf) by SpunkyM
Manifold fitting, with aircon by BigT
Idle Control Valve cleaning by Sloggs
Mending the manifold by James

Regular Maintainance All Models:

Fuel Filter Replacement.by Brinks
Handbrake Cable Replacement
Wishbone replacement.by Brinks
Fitting Brake Discs
Restoring Petrol Cap ChrisPR
Brake Fluid advice by DaveG
Guide to respraying wheels by Hanny
Windscreen wiper mechanism removal & refitting guide by Nigel
Throttle cabe replacement by Iceberg
Headlamp Motor fix by Brinks
headlamp motor fix by Brinks


20 Valve Turbo Tuning Work shop by Hanny
20 Valve NA Tuning Work shop
fitting Koni shocks by Gurmon
Air/Fuel Gauge fitting by GrahamL
Fitting a Novitec chip
Boost Gauge Install I found it neater to route my piping through the grommet for the bonnet release.
Strut brace fitting by James
Induction mod by James
Airbox modification (holes) by James
Airbox modification drainpipe by James
Cold air feed by James
Induction kit by James
Fitting a dump valve by James
Fitting a bleed valve by James
Fitting a front mounted intercooler by James
Blitz boost controller fitting and review by DoctorFrag
reducing overboost by craig
Fitting Pace Intercooler by Whittler and JaceyBoy
Fitting Evo Chip by Europa
Chargecooler Fitting guide by Graham L
Traction Control review and Fitting guide
Nomad A-pillar fitting guide by Windy Miller
antiroll bar and uprated radiator advice byTaz
fitting uprated fuel pump by Hanny
Fitting HID guide by Taz

Alloys that fit a 20vt


Instructions for reprogramming alarm fob by Catman11


Fitting new speakers by James
Stealth Sub by FastEdd
Tweeter info.

General Guides and advice:

Brinks problem page is good for alot of the FAQ:
Brinks problem page

difference between coupe versions by GrahamL
Magazine reviews of the Fiat Coupe by Neil20vt
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