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Buying Guide : Mk2 Golf : 'The Golf' magazine

Buying Guide : Mk2 Golf : 'Car and Car Conversions' magazine

Buying Guide : Mk1 Golf : 'The Golf' magazine

Expected Quarter Mile Times

Mk1 1600cc 17.2 sec
Mk1 1800cc 16.2 sec
Mk2 1800cc 8V 16.5 sec
Mk2 1800cc 16V 16.2 sec
Mk3 2000cc 8V 17.9 sec
Mk3 2000cc 16V 16.4 sec
Mk3 2800cc VR6 15.7 sec
Corrado 2900cc VR6 15.1 sec
Polo G40 1300cc 16.5 sec
Audi Quattro 10V 15.5 sec
Audi Quattro 20V 14.5 sec