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The first (and hardest) point is actually choosing a suitable gauge that YOU like.
My own criteria were a good quality gauge that was reliable , accurate and suited the coupe dash.
My choice changed more often than the weather.
Possible makes are Equus,TIM,Blitz,Durite etc
The two main contenders were 1 x Greddy gauge OR 2 x Autometer Carbon style 52mm gauges (Boost + AirFuel).
In the end I chose the Greddy purely because I liked the 'look' of the Greddy better............

The two types of gauges available are MECHANICAL or ELECTRICAL
Mechanical will involve you running a tube from the engine bay directly up to the back of your guage.
Electrical use a seperate boost sensor located in the engine bay , therefore you run electrical wires from engine bay to gauge
I found it easier to route wires rather than a tube! But remember an electrical setup has more to go wrong ...


In the end I chose this gauge from an ebay auction by JapAndy (a highly respected seller with superb feedback).
Yes , it is secondhand. And all in cost me 95 to my door.
It came from Japan in 4days!!!! and was wrapped as a gift so there was no import duty to pay
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The only thing that scared me was that the needle was fully clockwise resting against the memory button when it arrived!!!!
No worries though ,the Greddy box does a fancy setup sequence as soon as you apply +12V ...Phew


Below are some manuals that I found trawling the web....
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Above is the T piece and sensor fitted to my car. (sensor in background , attached to bulkhead using spare bolt)
see the FCCUK BOOST GAUGE FITTING GUIDE for proper fitting instructions
I used fuel hose and a METAL T-piece from www.burton-power.co.uk (FAC421 METAL T PIECE 1/4" (6mm))
I have to say the fit was great and didnt need clips at the T-piece. [DO NOT USE A PLASTIC T PIECE. I did and it fails after 4 days....]
For this version there is also a warning light trigger lead so that an additional bulb can be fitted elsewhere.


[ignition off]
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[ignition on]
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[set max warning boost]
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[recall max boost]
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[normal engine idle]
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pods nomad , etc suppliers

And heres the gauge at night .....
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And in situ , currently in the RHand air vent position.
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