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About me

So you really want to know then ? Well here goes.........

I was educated at Alloway primary school in Ayr , then onto Belmont Academy for my Highers.
From there I went to University where I gained an honours degree in Cell Biology. Then onto research involving Gene Therapy, this was not enough so I then decided to do a PgDip at Paisley University in Information Technology.
So here we are at the present day with me trying to get into a junior developers post.
The graduate I.T. market is poor at the moment, so until that time I continue to do contract I.T. work and some unpaid work for Scottish Water
UPDATE March 2003 : Success! I have started work as a User Interface Programmer with SPIS in Glasgow :-) Hurray...

Hobbies and Interests

Cars and Computers !
I am a member of Car Club SS-R [VIEW my ss-r profile]
Fav programs : Star Trek / Farscape / Red Dwarf /
The Office /League of Gentlemen /Anamaniacs / Black Adder / Alan Partridge to name but a few
Basically black comedy and sci fi orientated would be a good way to describe it

Tinka and Sylvester

Our two cats that live with us in the flat

TINKA : I'm not fussy , I'll eat anything preferably Wotsits SYLVESTER : Slim and sleek but a bit thick at times

Click on either photo to send them mail !

Finally I'm getting older by the second.....